Elevate Your Projects with Cherry Picker Hire: Introducing the PNT 280J Articulated Aerial Platform

Elevate Your Projects with Cherry Picker Hire: Introducing the PNT 280J Articulated Aerial Platform In the world of construction, maintenance, and industrial projects, reaching new heights isn’t just a metaphor – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re inspecting rooftops, painting facades, or trimming trees, having the right equipment can make all the difference. That’s where our [...]

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Phoenix Cleaning Company & Huddersfield Business School Student Consultancy Projects

  How masters students can support sustainability in your business A student consultancy project provides businesses with the opportunity to explore aspects of their business which they may not have the expertise, resource, or time to undertake. The groups consist of MSc students from various academic subjects, providing your business with diverse skill sets and [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Promotion 2023

Phoenix Cleaning Company  – 12 Days of Christmas Promotion start date: 25 th December 2023 Promotion Finish date: 5 th January 2024 Structure of the promotion On each of the 12 days of Christmas 25th Dec to 5th January, a prize redeemable from one of PCC’s customers will be available to win. The promotion is [...]

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Free Gutter Inspections

FREE GUTTER INSPECTIONS   To end the year, we would like to support our existing customers and our local communities by offering a FREE gutter inspection during November & December 2023. As the weather is taking a turn and the rain increases, we think this is a perfect time to check that your gutters are [...]

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The importance of Health & Safety

  H&S OUR GOLD STANDARD We value our people and for that reason alone, we take very carful measures to ensure their safety. We recently visited our H&S and found that it was not as effective as we would like, that’s not a situation we could allow to continue. Following investigation, we formed a business [...]

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BUNDLES – Commercial Cleaning Packages

BUNDLES - Commercial Cleaning Packages   This is something we started in 2021 and it has quietly grown simply through common sense, let us explain.   Some of you will remember a recent article on which we showed a corridor of a large hotel that had suffered a catastrophe. A sprinkler system developed a faut [...]

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Pressure Washing

POWER WASHING This is our latest new toy but its not a toy it can be a beast. This bad boy is something we are super exited about. I could tell you all about its power 120bar pressure (1900psi in old money) with a 9litres per minute delivery that will blow your socks off, literally [...]

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DIGITAL AGE (A BRAVE NEW WORLD) Is it possible to have a “paperless office” at PCC we are having a really good try at it. From the beginning the digital age was embraced simply because it was seen to be time efficient. We quickly discovered it also delivers other benefits such as consistency in processes [...]

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Commercial Window Cleaning

At Phoenix Cleaning Company we use a range of commercial window cleaning techniques to suit the requirements of each specific job. Different buildings such as Hotel's, Offices & Schools will have different cleaning schedules and requirements to suit individual needs. These include the following: Water Fed Pole (WFP) This is our standard method for the [...]

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GEOGRAPHICAL WORKING AREA We are happy to share a brief history of our geographical working area may help our customers and potential customers appreciate how far we go to carry out their work. Originally, we set up our business with one van to cover an area about 15 miles from our base and we concentrated [...]

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2022 was a very special year and as we sit here and write this it is with a little humility and a great deal of thanks to you our customers old and new. We have been successful in gaining several new large contracts including two 5* hotels both of which we very pleased to say [...]

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CHERRY PICKER SPECIFICATION With the growing popularity of our new Cherry Picker we are being asked what is it capable of and what are the terms of hire and use. In a very complex market this is an understandable question so here are some of the technical bits to help you see how you can [...]

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Months of interviewing and a new member of staff

Yes folks, this is our latest member of staff and he is a real softie really (Yeah right!). We considered him for a few positions within the company but it quickly became obvious he was not destined to be a window cleaner as his paws are too small to hold the Water Fed Pole and [...]

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Gutter Clearing – When were yours last done?

Here Is a question answer if you can, when was the last time you thought about your gutters? For most people, they realise it was so long ago they cannot remember and that’s the problem. There is a saying, “out of sight out……..”   Of all the things we clean nothing has the potential, if [...]

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RAPID RESPONSE CHERRY PICKER Very topical for us at the moment but we had an incident yesterday in the office. A good customer, a hotel, rang to ask a favour. We were due there today to carry out some power washing to the entrance paving. This becomes dirty with the large volume of traffic and [...]

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OUR VERY OWN CHERRY PICKER OK, we may be blowing our own trumpet a bit but we are very proud to have achieved this status so quickly. It’s an Italian “Isoli” 28m machine and it’s awesome. 28 metres height plus a little bit more if Paul stands on his tiptoes. If you find this hard [...]

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Commercial Window Cleaning

GENERAL WINDOW CLEANING People often ask “what kind of window cleaning do you do”? and the answer is pretty well all kinds including the following WFP Water Fed Pole External. This is our “Go To” method for the majority of our windows because it has a number of benefits. It can be used all year [...]

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