Commercial Window Cleaning

GENERAL WINDOW CLEANING People often ask “what kind of window cleaning do you do”? and the answer is pretty well all kinds including the following WFP Water Fed Pole External. This is our “Go To” method for the majority of our windows because it has a number of benefits. It can be used all year [...]

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Here at Phoenix Cleaning Company we gave a lot of thought to what message we want our company to project and in doing so gradually realised that what we actually wanted turned out to be a reflection of ourselves. The values we have and the things that are important to us. The following is a [...]

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PCC Customer Profile Example

BRIEF CUSTOMER PROFILE, THIS CUSTOMER IS A PROPERTY INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY AND THIS SITE IS A SHOPPING CENTRE We have a number of services scheduled on this site all at varying intervals and we take advantage of our regular visits to combine areas and services to produce the most effective outcome that is a [...]

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2021 WAS A MOMENTOUS YEAR - YOU NEED TO READ THIS TO THE END It began for us like so many others with lockdown number three. Surprisingly, as for the previous two the domestic cleaning continued quite strongly. We were able to clean windows externally without entering buildings and with payments increasingly being made online, [...]

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TRAINING IS NOT A ONE OFF BUT A CONTUING COMMITMENT         At PCC we take training very seriously for a variety of reasons. We actually like the feeling of sending our people out to work knowing they have been trained properly and importantly; safely. From this basis springs other benefits such as [...]

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POWERED ACCESS This really is the future of our company. We are moving more and more into commercial, office and retail environments as our customer profile evolves. Modern buildings and indeed some of the older ones need specialised access for cleaning of windows, cladding & signage etc. Gone are the days of either ignoring facades [...]

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How important is it to work with an Accredited Commercial Window Cleaning Business?

PCC – Accreditations How important is it to work with an Accredited Commercial Window Cleaning Business? In fact, it’s vital and it’s no coincidence that PCC – Phoenix Cleaning Company is accredited to the major institutions and trade bodies relative to our business. We recognise that accreditation is particularly important to help customers determine if [...]

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Gum ‘Be Gone’

CHEWING GUM REMOVAL   Did you know that last year in the UK 900 million packets of chewing gum were sold. That is a lot of gum?! Love it or hate it, sooner or later you will come across it. In the way smokers drop cigarette ends, chewers seem to feel free to drop gum [...]

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Commercial graffiti removal from all surfaces including glass, stone & brick. Although Sometimes the solution to removing the graffiti is our high-pressure washer and detergent mostly it is not. Removal can be a complex job best carried out by experts. The nature of the process depends on two factors the type of graffiti and the [...]

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Federation of Window Cleaners – Short Listed Finalist

SHORT LISTED FINALIST Window Cleaning Company & Employee of the Year Award 2021 Including ……a new “Special recognition Award” We are delighted to announce that we are a shortlisted finalist who have been selected by points scored on: time served in the industry, qualifications gained, training achieved, customer/client testimonies and reasons for entering the competition.  New for [...]

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Proud to be a Living Wage Employer

 PHOENIX CLEANING COMPANY CELEBRATES COMMITMENT TO REAL LIVING WAGE   Phoenix Cleaning Company Ltd (PCC) has been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Our Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at PCC receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.50 in the UK or £10.85 in London. Both rates are significantly higher than the government minimum [...]

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THANK YOU At last, we are out almost out of this horrible pandemic. Most businesses are now fully up and running and our hearts go out to particularly the leisure and hospitality industry who have suffered unbelievably. The NHS is recovering and not doubt at last able to draw breath and regroup. It’s a time [...]

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is simple, isn’t it? Try reading this and tell me you haven’t learned something. Obviously, we clean drives but actually we can do a lot more. Here are some things we also clean. Decking, fencing, sheds, cladding, concrete, paviours, tarmac, caravans, garden furniture, external steps, brickwork, children’s outdoor slides swings etc that’s a [...]

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Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH You may be tempted to pass over reading this but please don’t. We hear so much about “Mental Health” these days, no doubt exacerbated by CV19, but much of that is simply passed over and doesn’t register to us in the way it should. At PCC this is an issue we take very [...]

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Creating the right impression with clean external cladding

Do you have cladding on your warehouse, offices or stadium? Do your premises look like they could do with a facelift? Would an external clean bring your building up like news? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the Phoenix Cleaning Company’s expertise in providing cladding cleaning solutions will solve these issues. [...]

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PCC –– Year 2/Review of 2020

Phoenix Cleaning Company looking back on a challenging but rewarding year! It’s extraordinary to think that we’ve now been under the constraints of the Pandemic for just short of a year. It’s hit lives and livelihoods but we’re proud to say that, as a fledgling business, we have come through it stronger and wiser, with [...]

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Moving Business Premises or New Home?

This means different things to different people but here at Phoenix Cleaning Company, recently we were in the office discussing a client who was moving premises and had asked us to remove some graffiti from his old building. This prompted another comment about clearing out a yard of a client moving into new premises. We [...]

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The world as we know it – November 2020

You may wonder why we start this month’s blog with a Union Jack flag and at first sight it may seem a bit strange so let us share this with you.   As a country and as a company we have survived the first Covid 19 wave. During that strange and even surreal period we [...]

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At PCC we have encountered some problems caused by inexperienced operatives during stone cleaning and our experience dictates how we approach the contract. Here is a list of the common issues and our tick list on how to proceed. Efflorescence Deep water penetration can cause this it is the crystallisation of soluble salts caused by [...]

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