Is it possible to have a “paperless office” at PCC we are having a really good try at it. From the beginning the digital age was embraced simply because it was seen to be time efficient. We quickly discovered it also delivers other benefits such as consistency in processes and vastly improved communication. Has anybody ever said to you “I will check on that when I get back to the office” only for you to ring them two days later and be told sorry I forgot. We however can check immediately online and get straight back with an answer. Its that vision that powered the approach we have today. There is no central digital core to our business its more a series of specific based task units that talk to each other, something we got from reading about how Amazon developed as it enables each unit to be upgraded independently without the whole system being closed down.

One of the first systems we put in place was obvious, accounts. But it is so much more these days. It links to estimates banking, cash flow, audits and payroll with timesheets submitted online, to name a few of its facets. We can identify immediately paid and outstanding purchase and sales invoices we can audit costs of any specific or generic purchases. We are in constant touch with our accountants and can forecast projected taxes and due dates. Its all part of the modern fast moving business environment

CRM system is a bit of a black art highly linked to Google and is used for marketing projects and recording perforhumance rates. We track leads quotes hits and follow ups and sales. It also prompts us to return to something that is unresolved

H & S is joined with a local training provider and is seen as a key function. It provides access to all H & S information both at site and at office level. At the same time it records individuals useage with their levels achieved whilst mapping competancies as well as highlighting any deficiencies. It is linked to our hands on training days which are designed to keep everybody up to a level and that level is pretty high.

Field Service Management is used not daily but hourly. It keeps tabs on contracts, work schedules, people allocation and site progress. We know who is where doing what when they will finish and where they will go next. It’s a very slick office to site comms facility.

HR Management is the new boy on the block but now houses the recruitment process, which is all online until the interview stage. It has personnel records, onboarding live as people join the company, leave tracking which is transparent and provides a people portal all in one place

The real key is its all on cloud and with key people logging is as administrators they have access to everything whether they are in the office or enjoying a quick McDonalds at lunchtime. Want to know if an invoice has been paid, done. Want to know where somebody is working, done. Want to know when we will next visit a particular site, done. Next VAT return quarter, next training day etc. etc.

Are we paperless not quite we still leave a note out for the milkman if we need an extra pinta but we are working on that.

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