Nothing is unsightlier, or degrades a building (and therefore your business) more than graffiti. It’s annoying and upsetting. Unfortunately, it’s not a new thing, it existed in ancient Rome 2000 years ago and was presumably just as difficult to remove so it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Fortunately, things have moved on and PCC is here to take full advantage. We have access to superb new cleaning materials and techniques. These are generally twofold, the cleaning solutions across a wide range of paints and markers and the power washer which these days has to encompass hot water technology.

Our standard supplier has a full range of products to cope with all sorts of situations but the standard product we use daily and is stocked on our vans is a super graffiti remover. It is specially formulated with solvents and bio-degradable detergents to comply with new Governments legislation to cope with graffiti from Aerosols, Permanent pen markers, crayon, and even lipstick “there are some funny people out there”. It has a low odour to allow use in confined areas and can be applied by spray or soft brush for stubborn areas. We can even fall back on a super Shadow Lifter application to cope with really stubborn graffiti shadows.

Our latest piece of pressure washing equipment has 120bar pressure (1900psi in old money) with a 9 litres per minute delivery used to deliver hot water, or steam if needed, at a much lower pressure to gently flush the surface clean. The heavy duty industrial but mobile machine optimises the pressure washing process by enabling us to use less chemical at the same time as giving impressive cleaning results.

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