Creating fantastic first impressions for people visiting your commercial property through Commercial Window Cleaning

Phoenix Cleaning Company provide commercial window cleaning services across Yorkshire and Manchester, covering areas including York, Leeds, Bradford & Wakefield.  We service a wide range of clients including Hotels, School’s, Office’s, Factories & Retail units.

Our professional window cleaning services include:

  • External window cleaning
  • High level window cleaning
  • Balustrades & partition glass
  • Internal window cleaning

Window cleaning schedules can be tailored to your individual needs as we appreciated different property types required cleaning on different frequencies.

With our years of  experience in this field we are able to give our clients the top quality window cleaning service they expect from a professional commercial window cleaning company.

By focusing on our customer service we are able to build long term relationships with all of our clients which range from Sports Stadiums, to Shopping Centre’s and almost every type of commercial property imaginable.

Commercial window cleaning has undergone a revolution during the 20th century with the introduction of the “Pure water fed pole system”.

Briefly, this involves the vehicle travelling with its own tanked supply of pure water. This is not just from the tap but is a specialised supply of purified water using fully reverse osmosis and de-ionisation water technology to treat the water and remove impurities such as lead, calcium & microplastics.

Having prepared the pure water this is delivered from a 1000 litre tank through a twin stacked hose on an electric rewind reel through carbon fibre extending poles to a special cleaning head comprising long lasting bristles and a pencil or fan power water jet. The 100psi unit is coupled with a digital pressure pump and flow-master flow controller ensure accurate control.

Our window cleaning staff have all been fully trained to the Federation of Window Cleaning standards to use the system in full compliance with the health & safety rules and regulations.

Our operative’s will normally operate the pure water fed pole system from the safety of the ground. We can clean up to 65ft, making the job not only quicker but a lot safer and are able to keep your windows clean 52 weeks a year.

Internal Window Cleaning

Internally we specialise in the traditional window cleaning method using the stainless-steel squeegee wash and T-bar dry followed by a microfibre cloth polish.

This still has the advantage of being quick and causes no mess or dripping water.

The recommended frequency for internal window cleaning would vary dependant upon the use of your building. A professional reception area may require monthly internal window cleaning or a Hotel lobby that has small guests touching the glass may choose to have their internal windows cleaned more often.

Internal window cleaning is planned to be carried out at a time & day to suit you and cause minimal disruption to your working day. We are gone before you know it leaving only gleaming windows in our wake.

We understand and appreciate that all our customers are unique and require a specific window cleaning schedule. To discuss your requirements or arrange a free site survey, simply give us a ring or complete our contact form

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using this system to clean your windows include:

  • Streak and spot free windows.
  • Reduces the time to clean windows by up to 75%
  • Eliminates the use of ladders as our insurance costs are reduced when using this system we can pass this saving on to our customers.
  • We can clean up to 60ft (5 floors)

In addition to cleaning the windows the system can also be used to wash down window and door frames.

Pure water is the water we sue to clean windows. We make ‘pure’ water by using tap water and putting it through a process called reverse osmosis. The removes any particles, sediment & minerals out of the water and leaves it with zero parts per million so when we clean your windows they will be left streak & spot free.

There are no chemicals in the water fed pole system. The process of reverse osmosis use’s carbon & paper filters to remove the particles. There are no chemicals used in this process.

A WFP system attaches to the tanks in the back of our window cleaning vehicles. The pole is then attached from the hose, to the tank where the water is pumped from the tank up the hose to the brush head at the end of the pole. The brush head is then used to clean the window.

On occasion, we do use ladders to clean windows. This is only when there isn’t a safe alternative method to use. If ladders are required then we would use safely matting or the ladders would be ‘footed’ by another member of the team.

Yes we do use traditional squeegee methods for window cleaning. This would depends on the type of building we are cleaning and the areas. We would determine the best methods on our initial site visit and we may use a combination of traditional window cleaning methods and water fed pole cleaning to get the best results.

The frequency for which you should have you window cleaned would depend on the type of property you have and there that building is located. For example a Hotel in a City centre may want their window cleaning on a more frequent basis compared to a property located away from high traffic areas. Phoenix Cleaning Company would visit the site before we began working with the customer, assess the window cleaning requirements and advise on the recommended frequency based on those factors.

We clean windows on all types of buildings, of all shapes & sizes. Everything from small retail outlets on the high street or shopping centres. Office blocks from small stand alone office units, up to 4 storeys; small B&B’s or a 200 bedroom Hotel. Other properties we clean include event arenas, Sports Stadiums, Schools & Shopping Centres.

We have a variety of water fed poles used for different types of buildings. The Phoenix Cleaning Company window cleaning teams will use a combination of poles including 18ft, 35ft, 48 & 65ft.