Commercial Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using this system to clean your windows include:

  • Streak and spot free windows.
  • Reduces the time to clean windows by up to 75%
  • Eliminates the use of ladders as our insurance costs are reduced when using this system we can pass this saving on to our customers.
  • We can clean up to 60ft (5 floors)

In addition to cleaning the windows the system can also be used to wash down window and door frames.

Pure water is the water we sue to clean windows. We make ‘pure’ water by using tap water and putting it through a process called reverse osmosis. The removes any particles, sediment & minerals out of the water and leaves it with zero parts per million so when we clean your windows they will be left streak & spot free.

There are no chemicals in the water fed pole system. The process of reverse osmosis use’s carbon & paper filters to remove the particles. There are no chemicals used in this process.

A WFP system attaches to the tanks in the back of our window cleaning vehicles. The pole is then attached from the hose, to the tank where the water is pumped from the tank up the hose to the brush head at the end of the pole. The brush head is then used to clean the window.

On occasion, we do use ladders to clean windows. This is only when there isn’t a safe alternative method to use. If ladders are required then we would use safely matting or the ladders would be ‘footed’ by another member of the team.

Yes we do use traditional squeegee methods for window cleaning. This would depends on the type of building we are cleaning and the areas. We would determine the best methods on our initial site visit and we may use a combination of traditional window cleaning methods and water fed pole cleaning to get the best results.

The frequency for which you should have you window cleaned would depend on the type of property you have and there that building is located. For example a Hotel in a City centre may want their window cleaning on a more frequent basis compared to a property located away from high traffic areas. Phoenix Cleaning Company would visit the site before we began working with the customer, assess the window cleaning requirements and advise on the recommended frequency based on those factors.

We clean windows on all types of buildings, of all shapes & sizes. Everything from small retail outlets on the high street or shopping centres. Office blocks from small stand alone office units, up to 4 storeys; small B&B’s or a 200 bedroom Hotel. Other properties we clean include event arenas, Sports Stadiums, Schools & Shopping Centres.

We have a variety of water fed poles used for different types of buildings. The Phoenix Cleaning Company window cleaning teams will use a combination of poles including 18ft, 35ft, 48 & 65ft.

Gutter Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of homeowners will overlook the importance of having their gutters cleaned, unblocked. They think, that as long as they can’t see anything then their gutters must be fine.

However if you have a blocked gutter then it can’t do its job and control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. Instead of the water being diverted away into the drains the water will overflow over the side of your gutters. The overflowing of water can cause a number of different water related problems with your house, such as basement flooding, mildew and mold, structural issues and foundation damage. These issues will cost you a lot more to fix than how much it costs to get your gutters cleaned.

Damp does not only damage the structure of your house but it can also affect your families and your health.

All this can be avoided by having your gutters cleaned regularly.

The best way to avoid having any gutter problems is to check your gutters are working correctly on a regular basis. Here are a few things to look for when checking to see if you have a blocked gutter.

  • Pests or birds by your roof – A big sign is if you start to notice birds, pest or animals scurrying around your gutters. Birds have found that gutters are a very convenient place to build their nests.
  • You gutters are overflowing – Another telltale sign is that your  gutter are overflowing like a waterfall. A blockage in your gutter can cause the water in them to build up and then overflow, leading to expensive water related damages to your home.
  • Your Gutters Appear To Be Sagging – The weight caused by all of the debris in your gutter, leaves, grass, dirt, grit etc can cause your gutters to bend and sag between the supports. The sagging gutters will be ineffective at disposing of the water.
  • Plants growing in your gutter – If you have ever noticed a garden in your gutter then thats a definite indication that your gutters are blocked and need cleaning
  • Can’t remember when you had your gutters cleaned last – If you can’t remember when was the last time that you had your gutters cleaned then you’re gutters are ready for a serious cleaning. In reality your should have your guttering system cleaned at least once a year to ensure that it can do its job properly and protect your home against expensive damages.

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Carpets are a catch-all for dirt, just some of the things that you might find lurking in the fibre of your carpet include, dust mites, dead skin cells, insect husks, insect faeces, mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and many other types of allergens all clinging to the fibres in your carpet. It is a fact that dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems in otherwise healthy people.

All carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet on a regular basis to not only prohibit the build up of dirt and bacteria which will keep its colours bright and it more visually pleasing but it will help your carpet to last longer and of course it is definitely healthier for you and anyone visiting your work premises than a poorly maintained carpet.

Carpet cleaning is good for:

  • Reducing the amount of domestic dust, hairs and parasites
  • Keeping your carpets clean and looking fresh
  • Extending your carpets lifespan
  • Stain removal

We assess each job individual and do not have a set price per square meter. Every space is different & there are several factors we consider when pricing a job; how dirty the carpet is, how many stains there are, how much furniture there is to move, the day & time the job needs to be completed to name a few. At Phoenix Cleaning Company our service will be recommended specifically to you and therefore all our quotes are bespoke.

Our carpet cleaning machines are commercial pieces of equipment and make approximately the same amount of noise as a domestic vacuum. We understand that you want as little disruption as possible when arranging your carpet cleaning and ensure it remains business as usual. During the site survey we will consider factors in your workplace sure as start times, people using the telephone etc and arrange a suitable time to visit to complete the work. this could be an evening or a weekend if it is required.

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