This is the future of our industry as it becomes increasingly necessary to tackle high level cleaning. Old fashioned scaffolding solutions have been surpassed by faster cheaper high level platform solutions. Situations that had to be ignored because of prohibitive cost issues are now available and our customers are enjoying the higher cleaning standards now becoming commonplace. This is particularly noticeable in older buildings which in the past tended to look a bit dowdy are now capable of competing with the new steel and glass cathedrals. Beautiful old details are being rediscovered in the bright new age, long may it continue.

Cherry Picker The first go-to option

With our own in house 28m cherry picker we can respond at short notice to attend height level cleans. These machines have become commonplace in this new age of high-level cleaning. They are quick safe and inexpensive compared to the older methods available to the industry. We have invested heavily in training and we have people ready and qualified to use these machines quickly and above all else safely. Often, they are in use in city centres which means operating out of hours to avoid traffic problems something we do on a very regular basis

Scissor Lift A really useful piece of kit

These are really useful and come into their own when it comes to high level cleaning on a flat surface. Such as the glass balustrades on walkways above atriums in shopping centres. Imagine how quick it is to clean the glass drive the lift forward and clean the next piece. We have them sparkling in no time. We use them also internally in bus stations to clean high level steelwork beams and supports. Working at night we can quickly access all parts. All the customer notices is, one day its clean!

The Spider Let me introduce you

Its surprising how many people don’t know about this piece of kit. Its strength is its go anywhere ability. Being tracked it can access or indeed work on banking’s or stairs. Externally it can go where others cannot. It can also be used with soft rubber tracks for internal use. So, hotel lobbies and office entrances are all within its remit. No need to worry about the marble floor or indeed the carpet this thing gently tiptoes and leaves no trace. Some models are purposefully made narrow so with its legs folded it will fit through a double door way, easily.

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