This is our latest new toy but its not a toy it can be a beast. This bad boy is something we are super exited about. I could tell you all about its power 120bar pressure (1900psi in old money) with a 9litres per minute delivery that will blow your socks off, literally if you get in the way. It is a multi faceted little monster and we combine this with up to ten different lance tips. Some are super concentrated to provide fantastic cleaning potential (use with caution they can also destroy surfaces) some are fan shaped and oscillate to produce a softer approach over a larger area. We can also adjust the pressure/flow delivery over three different bands giving 30 possible options. If that were not enough we can manipulate the water temperature from cold through very hot and then to steam giving us an unbelievable 90 different options. Believe me when I say if it’s possible to clean it then we have the ability. Sometimes we have to go so deep to clear stains or rude words that it leaves a clean stain and it then we use a back lifting cleaning agent to blend the surfaces in, after if the clean area still spells the rude word we do not consider it finished.

As if that were not enough remember we carry our own water supply so are independent of you the customer. We also have our own generator and if necessary can utilise that. It all adds up to a complete service that is not restricted to your working hours. For Instance we have one customer who has a number of bus stations all over the West Riding of Yorkshire. Cleaning those during working hours is not really an option. So enter PHOENIX complete with own cleaning system and our own water supply and our own generator to complete the service during the night when all the busses are asleep and snoring gently. OK so we may not have a cloak and wear our underpants over our trousers but superheroes we most certainly are.

I could add a spectacular photo of this operating at 27m in the air on our cherry picker but in truth that is a very rare occurrence. I could add a photo of us blasting a wall with steam but I tried that and all you really see is the steam so I will leave you with a simple photo of a remarkable piece of kit that is available to you

Instead, I will tell you we use in mainly to deliver hot water, or steam if needed, at a much lower pressure to gently flush the surface clean.

I could show you pictures of our people dressed up to the chin with protective equipment blasting something 100ft in the air on our own cherry picker but the truth is we usually use this carefully and quietly at ground level. And when we have finished and the wall is sparkling clean and bright, we simply quietly pack everything into the van and move on to the next job. I will however confess we often have a smug little smile on our face

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EG – June 2023