We value our people and for that reason alone, we take very carful measures to ensure their safety.

We recently visited our H&S and found that it was not as effective as we would like, that’s not a situation we could allow to continue. Following investigation, we formed a business partnership with a specialist H&S local firm with whom we now work hand in hand. Their standard procedures have been enhanced to meet criteria we needed to make the whole package as robust as we can make it.

Every member of staff from directors to new employees is enrolled and given a login and password they are then tracked for progress. The first thing a newcomer finds on login is a menu. This includes H&S policies, Tool box talks, Training records, COSHH assessments, Risk assessments, Client method statements etc. This is a huge resource available to all.

Some are more relevant to some people than others. Office based people may look at fire evacuation procedures, slips trips & falls and DSE assessments.  Whilst site-based people may find suspended access equipment and platform towers or Electricity on site more appropriate.

We have a whole section on Training Records showing every member of staff and what specifically they are trained on. This is a one-page document that shows who is trained against a menu of competencies and shortfalls are quickly identified and reminders sent to re-visit certain areas, its brilliant and simple. This is all in addition to our formal training provided by external training providers from the partner company.

The advantages of this system were foreseen but have exceeded our expectations. There is no paper generated so nothing to fill in nothing to print and nothing to file safely. It also means instant access via cloud so for instance we can check if somebody is harness trained for the cherry picker. People new to a particular site can look at the customers risk assessment and see any site-specific risks and they also can see who on site to contact. It all makes for safer working as we say at the beginning …. we value our people.


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