BUNDLES – Commercial Cleaning Packages


This is something we started in 2021 and it has quietly grown simply through common sense, let us explain.


Some of you will remember a recent article on which we showed a corridor of a large hotel that had suffered a catastrophe. A sprinkler system developed a faut and fired off one of the sprinkler heads in the middle of the night. Now you may not realise, we didn’t, that sometimes these systems develop rust in the pipework over time. The result was a horrible orange gooey sludge followed immediately and at high pressure by a pretty dramatic fountain of water that seemed determined to throw it as far as it could. It was very successful and the results were spread over an impressive area. Once the staff has decided there wasn’t actually a fire they were faced with a petty horrific problem, the clean-up. A phone call to us and we responded within hours.


That’s an impressive leak                                      










That’s a more impressive clean










First a wet suck to get as much of the stained water up as possible then out with the carpet cleaner and three hours later it looked like new, quite literally. The outcome of this was a chat about all the services we provide and as they were in need of some soft furnishings cleaning for an event due the following week and, as we had the machine there, we carried on and completed the clean at a reduced cost because we were already on site. The moral of the story is by planning ahead you can reduce costs. OK we don’t mean guess when the sprinkler system is going to go berserk but bundling two services together reduces costs to us and therefore to you the customer. If we are on site cleaning windows and we can fill the day with some power washing we can pack the machine and the materials and do it all in one visit. The advantage to us is we can plan our workday much more efficiently and that means we can pass the savings on to you. It’s a win, win, scenario.

And here’s a radical thought, because we can see the rolling programme, we are happy to invoice the total annual amount in equal monthly payments rather than when the work is actually completed. The client now has peace of mind in that they do not have to worry about cleaning and remembering to call us and in addition they do not have to deal with large invoices arriving at irregular intervals. They know that the small monthly payment is easier to budget for and nobody has to keep checking individual invoices. We e-mail in advance all concerned in the various departments, copy to the manager, when we are due with the actual times and dates and check that it is convenient. It also allows the client to adjust beforehand when a service is actually carried out to take into account “special” events” which need a clean to be delayed or arranged immediately prior to.

The whole “bundle” is a really good illustration of working in partnership with clients developing closer relations to give a better more focussed service tailored to clients needs. Bundling is the way forward and works in other areas just as well. Schools for instance want services carried out during closedown periods by using the same formula we arrive at a different answer tailored to their specific needs. Car dealerships again have different needs such as registration dates and new model launches that can be worked round to tailor a specialist service and the regular small monthly invoice is easier to budget for.

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