The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning: Finding the Perfect Machine for Every Job

Maintaining clean carpets is crucial for the comfort, appearance, and health of any space, whether it’s a cosy home or a bustling office. At PCC, we offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaning solutions to suit every need, whether you’re dealing with everyday dirt or stubborn stains, having the right carpet cleaning machine can make all the difference. Our line up includes versatile machines of varying sizes and capabilities, along with a dry powder cleaning option ideal for environments where wet cleaning isn’t feasible.

Meet Our Carpet Cleaning Machines

The Compact Cold Water Cleaner

Our compact cold water carpet cleaner is perfect for smaller spaces and regular maintenance. This machine is lightweight and easy to manouver, making it ideal for quick clean-ups and everyday use. Despite its small size, it’s incredibly effective at removing dirt and grime from your carpets. The cold water method is gentle on fibres, ensuring your carpets remain in top condition with each clean.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized areas
  • Gentle cold water cleaning
  • Ideal for regular maintenance

The Heated Water Cleaner for Stubborn Stains using the Injection Extraction Method

When dealing with tough, ground-in stains, our heated water carpet cleaners step up to the challenge. These machines heat the water you add to them, and spray the water deep into the carpet fibres to dislodge dirt and debris. They then vacuum up the dirty water, removing not only the grime but also the majority of the moisture. The heated water method is particularly effective on grease, food stains, and other difficult spots, ensuring your carpets look as good as new.


  • Heats water for maximum cleaning power
  • Perfect for tough stains and high-traffic areas
  • Leaves carpets damp, not wet, for fast drying
  • Best for large areas and deep cleaning needs

Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning: Perfect for Delicate Environments

In situations where wet cleaning isn’t practical, such as hotel bedrooms or busy commercial spaces, our dry powder carpet cleaning method offers an excellent alternative. This technique involves applying a specially formulated cleaning powder to the carpet, which is then left to settle and absorb dirt.

  1. Application: The cleaning powder is evenly spread across the carpet.
  2. Agitation: A specialist machine agitates the carpet, pushing the powder deep into the fibres.
  3. Absorption: The powder is left for 20 minutes to absorb dirt and oils from the carpet.
  4. Vacuuming: The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed, removing the powder and the trapped dirt, leaving the carpet clean and fresh.


  • No water used, ideal for moisture-sensitive environments
  • Quick process with no drying time required
  • Effective at restoring carpet pile and freshness
  • Suitable for high-traffic and frequently used areas


Maintaining clean carpets is essential for a healthy and inviting environment, and with our range of versatile cleaning solutions, you can find the perfect method for any situation. From our compact cold water cleaner for everyday maintenance to the powerful injection extraction machine for deep cleaning, and the dry powder method for delicate areas, we have the right tool for every job.

For more information or to see our machines in action contact us directly on 03301244085 or email [email protected]