We have a number of services scheduled on this site all at varying intervals and we take advantage of our regular visits to combine areas and services to produce the most effective outcome that is a cleaner crisper building over a longer period. They are one of our oldest customers and we enjoy a very close and effective relationship based on trust. Its what we strive for with every customer.

Initially we clean windows once a week this is in the entrance foyers and the low-level glazing in the customer facing areas which as you can imagine have a very high footfall. This opportunity is used to constantly review all areas, whilst on site. This in itself allows us to be flexible in adapting the schedule to suit. For instance, one entrance faces the main street in Leeds city centre and with a burger bar on one side and a nightclub on the other regularly gets more than its share of pizza and chip boxes and people being sick. That foyer gets cleaned a lot more than the one on the opposite elevation which faces an office block. It doesn’t take us long and the result is so much more pleasant for the shopper.

We have a rolling monthly schedule for high level areas such as cleaning the tops of the shop signage mirrors office management suite windows atrium and anything else which needs the scissor lift, we use. For instance, from time to time, people throw rubbish on the roof of a kiosk in the middle of the main walkway. It takes us only a short time to take care of that and obviates the need to hire in a machine specially to deal with it. The same with the mezzanine floor and the glass balustrade a handprint and an ice cream smear at child hand height that is noticeable can be spot cleaned without waiting to fit it into the rolling schedule.

We use a 6m cherry picker to clean the brise soleil the granite banding and some cladding and beams at high level these are on a 2 or 3 monthly cycle but whilst we are there if a small area not scheduled for cleaning needs attending to, we do it. Sometimes accidents do occur and we are able to pick these up in a very short timescale without the need for additional special equipment hire and often before the customer even notices.

We pressure wash the entrances weekly and the delivery bays bi-monthly but a spill in the delivery area is picked up very quickly because we are on site with the right piece of kit in our hands. Again, we clean the roller shutter doors bi-monthly but graffiti is often picked up quickly and dealt with.

We use a floor operated high reach gutter vacuum cleaner to clean out gutters externally but if needed it can be brought inside the end fitting changed and dust and dirt cleaned from something at high level that has become noticeable, all without special visits and additional plant hire.

We do from time to time carry out “specials”. A unit that has been vacated and is empty can be cleaned out and the rubbish carted away and this is fitted in with another job. We carried out a flood clean following an accident and disposed of old damaged furniture and stock.

Its what we call “bundling” and really means working with the customer to provide a range of services that can be flexible and work to their advantage to reduce cost and maintain a cleaner building at the absolute minimum cost.


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