OK, we may be blowing our own trumpet a bit but we are very proud to have achieved this status so quickly. It’s an Italian “Isoli” 28m machine and it’s awesome. 28 metres height plus a little bit more if Paul stands on his tiptoes. If you find this hard to imagine it’s about seven stories and I advise you to find a seven-storey building and have a good look, I repeat its awesome.

We already have four operatives iPAF trained to use our cherry picker and all the rest will follow as time permits. We currently have two qualified to drive the 7.5 tonne truck and again more will be added in time. This really is the future of our company and indeed the industry. We are moving more and more into commercial, office, colleges and retail environments as our customer profile evolves. Modern buildings and indeed some of the older ones demand specialised access for external cleaning including windows cladding and signage etc. It is now taken for granted that all areas are regularly cleaned as our customers become more image conscious as the whole market place becomes more competitive. It is no longer acceptable to ignore difficult or dangerous areas with the advent of modern access equipment these are now within reach, literally. When we started in this industry this was a machine, we used from time to time, now the constant hiring charges have made our purchase not only desirable but logical. We now have the flexibility to respond immediately without the need to check with plant hire or finish up chasing a machine at short notice. This has become a machine we use on a weekly basis.


It is possible to operate this single handed with a driver/operator usually however we prefer to use this as a two-man operation. This makes the whole cleaning/moving cycle slightly quicker but also a lot safer and safety is a primary issue in all we do. The range of height and reach we can achieve is quite amazing.

The burning question when you see us on site is “can I have a go?”. So just to put your mind at rest, sorry but the answer is no you are not trained or insured. So go ahead and ask to show how brave you are secure in the knowledge you will not have to prove it. 😊

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