People often ask “what kind of window cleaning do you do”? and the answer is pretty well all kinds including the following

WFP Water Fed Pole External.

This is our “Go To” method for the majority of our windows because it has a number of benefits. It can be

used all year round in the dry and in the rain. Windows using this method will not streak or smear if its raining at the time. The filtered pure water we use has such a low dissolved solids content you can be sure of that. It is also an intrinsically safe method as it involves no ladder use, or work at a height there is simply nowhere to fall and that’s as safe as we can get.

Water Fed Pole Internal.

Many people would be surprised at that because it is unusual. We however have a secret weapon it’s called a “Dragonfly”. This is a back pack unit which is completely independent and uses a water based special solution concentrate which cleans without volumes of water and there is no mess internally. It has specific uses in that certain high areas can be accessed from the ground without the use of platform equipment. This makes it quick, unobtrusive and cost effective for specific applications.

Traditional Squeegee internal and external.

This we use for specific areas of work such as high- volume entrance doors and foyers with glass and mirrors. These are common on the high street but also on shopping malls which experience very high volumes of traffic and in some instances have to be cleaned weekly or even more frequently. Its also quick and effective for shop windows both externally and again in shopping malls internally.

So, you can see if you need it, we have it.

We cover all property types including Hotel’s, Offices, School’s, Sports Stadium, Retail & Event Arena’s. Our geographical coverage includes all of Yorkshire & Manchester although we have been known to travel as far as Stoke & to Scotland so please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

If there is anything we can help you with for a free quote ring. 0330 124 4085