Very topical for us at the moment but we had an incident yesterday in the office.

A good customer, a hotel, rang to ask a favour. We were due there today to carry out some power washing to the entrance paving. This becomes dirty with the large volume of traffic and is something we do quarterly on schedule. They had a large event booked and were keen to impress but unhappy at the condition of the totem sign on the road side and the signage on the front of the building and the three-storey glass frontage to the entrance foyer. This i


s a particularly difficult frontage to access and not possible with the normal water fed pole from the ground so a cherry picker is essential. Enter our new cherry picker sitting in the yard looking at us. No hesitation, no saying we will try our best and then frantically ringing round for an available machine. Calm as a cucumber we said “no problem we can do that today with the rest of the cleaning as we have our own cherry picker now”. The customer was a little taken aback but very grateful and as we put the phone down it was high fives all around the office.


Cherry pickers are a huge investment for us but that one instance proved it was worth it. We are proud to be able to respond quickly and for the customer so easily and seamlessly. It is the way we like to partner our customers to service whatever their cleaning needs are. Our cherry picker was made in Italy by the Isoli company and has a 28m reach. It has become known in the office as “The Italian Job”. Everybody wants to train to use it and this is underway and will be completed shortly. So if your cleaning needs to use a cherry picker remember we are the company able to respond to that need

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