Here Is a question answer if you can, when was the last time you thought about your gutters? For most

people, they realise it was so long ago they cannot remember and that’s the problem. There is a saying, “out of sight out……..”


Of all the things we clean nothing has the potential, if left unattended, to do more harm than the gutters.

Gutters that are full and overflowing may damage your building fabric sooner or later. Dirt, leaves, moss and general debris land on the roof constantly, its just the way things are During autumn & when the rainfall is lower, the build up can increase but remain unnoticed until the wet weather comes around. Take a moment and think when was the last time your gutters were cleaned.

Build up of debris will continue until something is done and a problem occurs that is pretty inevitable. Often the first sign is a leaking gutter joint. The debris traps the water leaving a constant puddle which sits there looking for a weakness and the joint is often the first victim. The sign is pretty obvious, water leaks during a storm or damp staining down the wall or cladding followed by a permanent stain as the damage goes unseen to. Left alone, and a surprising number of these problems are; the build up in the gutter will force the water to spill over the edge and either run down the face of the building or penetrate into the building through any small cracks or holes where it may or may not be noticeable. This will cause untold problems and misery in the future.

Gutter cleaning is something of a specialist subject here at PCC. We have two main methods to deal with the problem. The first way is with our special “Gutter Vac” system which as you may have guessed is a vacuum made for gutters. Used in conjunction with a camera head we can clean some gutters from ground level. This is particularly useful on dangerous or area’s difficult to access.

The second way is literally by hand. We do use scoops and all sorts of scrapers and brushes but in the end the final polish up is probably best applied using the human hand. A lot of this work involves cherry pickers but not all jobs do, they are individual problems with individual solutions.

However, we clean them, finished photos of the clean gutter are included to set your mind at rest.

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