We are happy to share a brief history of our geographical working area may help our customers and potential customers appreciate how far we go to carry out their work.

Originally, we set up our business with one van to cover an area about 15 miles from our base and we concentrated on LEEDS with a major shopping centre and sports stadium and WAKEFIELD with an office block. To be honest that’s where we saw the foreseeable future and so it worked out for twelve months. Very quickly however we were asked to quote contracts in BRADFORD as well and on the back of those successes we acquired a second van.

Then came a bit of a breakthrough we were appointed to carry out work in a hotel in HUDDERSFIELD which seemed a bit of a long way at the time but never ones to flinch at a challenge we took it on and very quickly started to also pick up work in MORLEY a hotel and offices and CASTLEFORD and OSSETT with both schools and colleges. All this has been fuelled in the main by “word of mouth” personal recommendations, and that is something we feel quietly proud, to have achieved.

We were working hard and feeling the pressure a little when we were approached by a hotel in MANCHESTER. After a moment to think about it we realised that it was not that far down the M62 a successful quote followed very quickly with two other adjoining hotels and now we have three all within seeing distance of each other and another van was quickly pressed into service. One of those hotels has a sister hotel in LEEDS and introduced us to them and that contract quickly followed. Also in Leeds, we have added a large office block (a major firm of solicitors) and another office block which uses external cradles. We finally achieved a, long held ambition and bought our own 28m cherry picker together with a fourth fully equipped van. We have also acquired a contract in BARNSLEY our first and are negotiating another hotel in YORK fingers crossed.

We are very happy that it has grown organically without huge marketing of targeted areas.

If there is anything we can help you with for a free quote ring 0330 124 4085 or email [email protected]