With the growing popularity of our new Cherry Picker we are being asked what is it capable of and what are the terms of hire and use. In a very complex market this is an understandable question so here are some of the technical bits to help you see how you can best use it.

It’s an ISOLI PNT 28J cherry picker with a large aluminium articulated platform and all mounted on a 7500kg mobile cab unit with integrated hydraulic outriggers. Our unit has a maximum safe working height of 28 metres and up to 13.7 metre unrestricted outreach.

Our standard cost is £400 + VAT per day and yes, we do part hire at £250 + VAT per half day. Our normal working area is West Yorkshire within a 30-mile radius of Leeds but we travel beyond this area please ask us for details of additional cost.

You do not need any additional training our operatives are fully, cherry picker, trained and hold the appropriate specific IPAF licenses.

We operate normal working hours but appreciate that the very nature of high-level difficult access is in some ways unique. Because of this we also offer out of hours hire so if you need us between 7pm and 6am please ask for costs.

We offer discount for multiple bookings please ask for anything 2 days or above.

And finally, what is our cherry picker used for, well here’s a list of some of the work we have undertaken.

Window Cleaning, Tree Surgery, Building condition surveys and reports, Remedial work to buildings at high level, Painting, Gutter cleaning, Lighting installation /repair, Signage installation/repair and filming. That’s a pretty wide range of uses and we seem to be adding to them on a regular basis

If there is anything we can help you with for a free quote ring. 0330 124 4085