Phoenix Cleaning Company & Huddersfield Business School Student Consultancy Projects

  How masters students can support sustainability in your business A student consultancy project provides businesses with the opportunity to explore aspects of their business which they may not have the expertise, resource, or time to undertake. The groups consist of MSc students from various academic subjects, providing your business with diverse skill sets and [...]

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Free Gutter Inspections

FREE GUTTER INSPECTIONS   To end the year, we would like to support our existing customers and our local communities by offering a FREE gutter inspection during November & December 2023. As the weather is taking a turn and the rain increases, we think this is a perfect time to check that your gutters are [...]

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GEOGRAPHICAL WORKING AREA We are happy to share a brief history of our geographical working area may help our customers and potential customers appreciate how far we go to carry out their work. Originally, we set up our business with one van to cover an area about 15 miles from our base and we concentrated [...]

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RAPID RESPONSE CHERRY PICKER Very topical for us at the moment but we had an incident yesterday in the office. A good customer, a hotel, rang to ask a favour. We were due there today to carry out some power washing to the entrance paving. This becomes dirty with the large volume of traffic and [...]

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PCC Customer Profile Example

BRIEF CUSTOMER PROFILE, THIS CUSTOMER IS A PROPERTY INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY AND THIS SITE IS A SHOPPING CENTRE We have a number of services scheduled on this site all at varying intervals and we take advantage of our regular visits to combine areas and services to produce the most effective outcome that is a [...]

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2021 WAS A MOMENTOUS YEAR - YOU NEED TO READ THIS TO THE END It began for us like so many others with lockdown number three. Surprisingly, as for the previous two the domestic cleaning continued quite strongly. We were able to clean windows externally without entering buildings and with payments increasingly being made online, [...]

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