At PCC we take training very seriously for a variety of reasons. We actually like the feeling of sending our people out to work knowing they have been trained properly and importantly; safely. From this basis springs other benefits such as knowing they can and will do the job properly. They will not make silly mistakes and miss bits whether you, the customer, can see them or not.

They will act professionally and safely and represent the company in a manner we can and are proud of. For these reasons we don’t just put them on a course and tick a box we continue with ongoing training. People joining us often have no formal training and in this increasingly complex and technical world that simply will not do. You may say window cleaning for instance is not rocket science and we would agree but don’t dismiss it so quickly there is a world of difference in simply standing on the ground and cleaning a window on the second story with a water fed pole and standing in a basket with a safety harness at 30m (90ft) in the air in the middle of Leeds with traffic whizzing past the base and using the same WFP come and watch us and appreciate what we do though you may have to get up at 4am!. With this in mind we thought a brief resume of our current training might give an insight to this commitment.

  • iPAF another person has just completed levels 1b, 3a, 3b
  • Two more people are enrolled on the First Aid Training Course
  • All new members are initially enrolled on the FWC (Federation of Window Cleaners) course
  • Our H&S Partner OJ Health and Safety has a ½ day workshop booked in Work Place Review this is intended to be a rolling six-month refresher programme covering subjects like
  • IOSH working safely
  • IOSH managing safely
  • Harness training
  • Manual handling
  • CSCS
  • Effective leadership,
  • Covid 19 cleaning
  • Level 2 Certificate in cleaning
  • We have a member of the office staff enrolled on Accounting and Finance level 4
  • Pasma

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