It began for us like so many others with lockdown number three. Surprisingly, as for the previous two the domestic cleaning continued quite strongly. We were able to clean windows externally without entering buildings and with payments increasingly being made online, physical contact didn’t enter into it. We also saw a small but growing number of business’s finding ways to continue trading and also needing our services. The help from government was, let’s be honest, a lifesaver. Although not entirely because of that help we made the decision to pass some help on to others and we became a “Living Wage” employer so at a time of stress and hardship we have made a commitment to our team to give them a wage to meet every day needs.

As the year progressed, we felt confident enough to buy and equip a full WFP system & van number three and take on another full time member of operational staff.

During this year we introduced the concept of “Bundles” the practice of bundling services together to reduce the number of visits and cut costs to clients. This has quietly been quite successful and its fruits are being felt by a number of the larger customers.

As the mood of the country improved and business got back to work, we found our services more in demand and are delighted to say we were awarded three new major contracts in the hospitality sector. It is very satisfying to see our hard work and attention to customer satisfaction pay off in such a big way. It certainly makes all the hard work feel worthwhile.

In the awards field we are happy to say we were a shortlisted finalist in the national Federation of Window Cleaners and shortlisted for the Business Masters 2021 Yorkshire Awards in the start up category. We hope to do just a little better in 2022

Training continued with our first accreditation on “Cradles” scary but exiting all at once and first aid and metal health courses. We believe a rounded approach to training produces a rounded and better operator.

In sponsorship and community support we are proud to say we have been:

  • Morley Town FC match ball sponsor twice
  • become corporate members of Hospitality Action
  • In the Euro’s England v Italy match the donation of £55 per goal went to Rainbows Baby Bank.
  • Sponsored Simon Bradley of Middleton Park FC and we
  • Purchased £100 in gifts to the Cash for Kids. This charity donated gifts at Christmas to children who would quite literally not receive any gifts at all hard to believe in this day and age but a stark reality

We are keen to continue & expand on supporting local communities & charities throughout 2022.


And on a lighter note, we got an elf called Sparkle who you will have seen at Christmas.

We also got “EVENT OF THE YEAR” a little addition called Nathan. He is gorgeous (honestly) and twenty years from now when you spot him up a cherry picker you will be able to say, I remember him arriving!









(Picture taken Feb 22)

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