This really is the future of our company. We are moving more and more into commercial, office and retail environments as our customer profile evolves. Modern buildings and indeed some of the older ones need specialised access for cleaning of windows, cladding & signage etc. Gone are the days of either ignoring facades which were too difficult or, with ladders, too dangerous to clean. We use a range of access solutions and here is a flavour of the popular ones. Its important to make you aware that every one of our operatives have received full certified training on each type of machine and are fully conversant with its safe handling.


This is a machine we use on a weekly basis. Our standard is a truck mounted 37m model with a 26m reach. It is possible to operate this single handed usually however we prefer to use this as a two-man operation as it makes the cycle slightly quicker but also a lot safer. The range of height and reach we can achieve is quite amazing although this can be extended even further using other different models. It’s a firm favourite particularly when we have a 5am start on a major road site in a town centre and want to be off site as quickly as possible


This is less popular but still has its uses. It can be very quick as they can be driven whilst extended making this usually a one-man operation. Its drawback is that it needs good solid level ground adjoining the area to be cleaned and the use of bollards planting steps etc. often makes this difficult. Although some models do extend the reach is pretty limited. Sometimes however everything works and when it does this is a real star performer.


This is relatively new piece of equipment to us but we love its versatility. Think of it as a cherry picker on a track and with outriggers. At 780mm wide it will fit through very small openings and this together with its electric no fume operating systems makes it ideal for internal use. We use it particularly in shopping malls and hotels for internal glazed/cladding areas at a height. A brilliant use we found recently was in a cathedral for the high-level windows. The rubber tracks make them very manoeuvrable they do not leave any marks and with their low ground pressure they are very friendly. It’s an easy machine to operate and for us that makes it a one-man operation, drive to the area of usage set down the outriggers and we are good to go. 13.8m height and 7.5m reach with a 360degree swivel they really are brilliant.


These are a whole different ballgame. They are all pretty much individual and site specific and as such require additional instruction above the standard training which all our operators have. These are used on two of our contracts and are probably a little old fashioned being very expensive to install and maintain. They are still however in use in a lot of city centre buildings and we are safe and competent in their usage.


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