At last, we are out almost out of this horrible pandemic. Most businesses are now fully up and running and our hearts go out to particularly the leisure and hospitality industry who have suffered unbelievably. The NHS is recovering and not doubt at last able to draw breath and regroup. It’s a time of optimism and looking forward. We can take a view on what the future holds instead of worrying about the present which like so many others we have spent 18 months doing.

In taking stock we look at our client base and see a few gaps. Thankfully and maybe even a little surprisingly those gaps are not cancellations or customers moving their business elsewhere. Those gaps are customers friends and partners who are no longer able to sustain trading and closed the doors for good. They will not make the headlines but there is a sadness about every single one and we wish them well.

For those of you who did survive and are still there we say well done you are the success story you are ones entrusted to trade this nation back on its feet. In fact, we would also like to say thank you! Because every single one of our customers has stayed with us. That’s right a check of the client list shows we have retained every single one of you. We have even significantly increased our client base in the last few weeks. We could say that is down to our superb customer service our keen pricing structure and determination to do a better job than anybody else but whatever the reasons are we are here to say a very big “THANK YOU” to each and every one.

We rely on out customer retention record it’s the core of our business and we use it as a barometer of customer satisfaction. We are grateful to see it has withstood the recent upheavals in the fortunes of people and business of this country and we will endeavour to try even harder to give the best service we can in the future.

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