Do you have cladding on your warehouse, offices or stadium? Do your premises look like they could do with a facelift? Would an external clean bring your building up like news?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the Phoenix Cleaning Company’s expertise in providing cladding cleaning solutions will solve these issues.

Keeping external cladding clean gives a really positive impression of your site and your company brand. Dirty or algae covered cladding may lead to impressions of neglect, a business in decline or simply a lack of care.


Cladding Cleaning for a variety of commercial buildings

With aluminium or stainless steel cladding now an established feature of a building’s external and visual architecture the scope and type of buildings we are asked to clean is growing:

  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing units/factories
  • Distribution centres
  • Sports stadia
  • Arenas
  • Office blocks
  • Retail units/shopping centres


Our Team

The PCC team is professional and knowledgeable with a variety of experience in providing cladding cleaning services. We are fully trained in safe working practices, insured and compliant. We are also qualified for working at height.


Planning the works

We pre-plan the schedule of work taking the time to understand your business and work around your daily needs so as to reduce intrusion and minimise impact. We often have to work in areas restricted by space and access and this is also taken into account in the planning process.

If specialist equipment is needed for working at height we organise this on your behalf co-ordinating the delivery to site of any equipment such as a cherry picker. Should you have any other jobs such as internal high level, fascia or soffit cleaning that requires this type of equipment, we will minimise hire charges with a carefully planned schedule of works.


Pre-planned maintenance

Regular cleaning of external cladding gives us the opportunity to check and inspect for damage or water ingress. PCC cleans and protects the façade, of your building whilst improving the image of your property. Maintenance, repair and renovation extends the life of a building and avoids renewal thereby saving capital expense outlay for our customers. Regular cleaning  may also be a condition of the warranty on the cladding.

The team is able to work with increased focus when your site is quiet or even closed. We avoid interruptions and any difficulties in moving equipment around.


Our cleaning methodology

This depends entirely on the type and condition of the cladding. Often, we are able to use a pure water fed pole system that we normally use to clean external windows. The brush head is changed to a sturdier version made for the job.

If the dirt is ingrained, there’s a build-up of algae or other plant-based matter, or the cladding has not been cleaned for a long time, the team will use pressure washing equipment with 2 alternative cleaning fluids:


Concentrate cleaner

  • Removes grime without damaging paint work or glass and will not strip wax or sealant
  • Safe to use on Rubber, Plastic, Alloy, Wiring and Glass
  • Powerful Formula for the Toughest of Dirt
  • Fast Acting Cleaner & Degreaser


Non caustic cleaner

  • Special blend of chemicals which creates a rich foam, to creep into the crevices of the contaminant and expand, helping lift the traffic film and dirt away from the surface, allowing us to agitate and pressure wash away without damage
  • Low caustic formula – better rinsing, better safety
  • Super concentrate, excellent economy in use


If we can clean external cladding for you contact us:

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cladding cleaning, Gildersome. PCC


cladding cleaning, Gildersome. PCC