Commercial graffiti removal from all surfaces including glass, stone & brick.

Although Sometimes the solution to removing the graffiti is our high-pressure washer and detergent mostly it is not. Removal can be a complex job best carried out by experts. The nature of the process depends on two factors the type of graffiti and the surface to which it has been applied. The key decision here is to use the correct method to remove without causing further damage. It is worth saying here that for repeated attacks an anti graffiti coating should be employed to help minimise any further incidents. The use of high voltage electricity or machine guns is not to be considered. Any protective coating should be married with subsequent cleaning agents as one manufacturer’s product may have an adverse effect on another’s. We have at our disposal a huge range of products from simple to very specific complex and from relatively inexpensive to high cost, applications. The approach we have found to be effective is to try and specialise on one company’s products to avoid conflict of formulae. When selecting a product, we always have two considerations in mind.

Firstly the environment and most of our products are solvent free and water dispersible.

Secondly, we always try to buy British it is in all our interests to preserve jobs and wealth here.

Sometimes on previously painted surfaces it is only possible to effect partial removal without damage. In these instances, we use a specific blocking agent to prevent subsequent bleed through. Contrary to some thoughts repeated coats of a water, based paint, or even application of an oil, based paint is insufficient. The use of the high-pressure washer is another important consideration. We carry a multitude of tips and end fittings suited to various types of work. For instance, working on some types of stone requires a softer tip and a lower water pressure together with maintaining a minimum distance from the working surface. If the incorrect type is chosen then there is a danger that the cleaning process will drive the contaminant deeper into the pores of the surface making it difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. The end result here is permanent marking and damage.

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