You may wonder why we start this month’s blog with a Union Jack flag and at first sight it may seem a bit strange so let us share this with you.


As a country and as a company we have survived the first Covid 19 wave. During that strange and even surreal period we lost 95% of our turnover for three months. This was followed by a slow and hesitant re-opening of business. We survived and indeed for the last few months have thrived because of one reason and one reason only. This is due to the loyalty of our customers who have stayed with us and returned in numbers greater than we envisaged or expected. Looking at it now in fact it seems the only ones we have lost are the ones no longer with us either in a business or personal sense. We would like to put on record to each and every customer our thank you for that loyalty we will do our best to live up to it.

The future now seems to once again to be uncertain with a new lock down starting on Thursday for a month at least but who knows how long it will be really. Many of our customers will once again be closing up shop and crossing their fingers for the future. Its an anxious time but there is another huge unknown that we all seem to have pushed to one side and tried to ignore, Brexit. There are many views on Brexit but one thing is certain we have the best chance as a nation if we stick together and above all “buy British”. Buying British is a direct and very effective way to invest in our economy create jobs and wealth here in the UK. You may say it doesn’t affect PCC as our whole operation is UK based but that would be a mistaken point of view. We are our customers its as simple and as basic as that. We know many of them have small, medium or large interests abroad. To those of our customers in particular but also to the whole UK in general we now promise to buy British where ever possible. We will always look first for the British alternative be it when buying supplies or services or training. We promise this as a thank you for your past and continuing loyalty. We will look for the union jack made in the UK badge because it makes sense to us to support our customers and our country first.

So, lets join together in the face of an uncertain future all for the common good.

Take care, stay safe